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Watch Out! Your Dad's A Tory - Anti Tory Zine & Political Gift

Watch Out! Your Dad's A Tory - Anti Tory Zine & Political Gift

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WATCH OUT! YOUR DAD’S A TORY is a 44-page satirical zine about British politics.

Published in 2019, 'Watch Out! Your Dad's A Tory', was written ahead of the 2019 General Election to help people identify whether their fathers are Tories.

In Watch Out! Your Dad's A Tory, join Harry, a naïve eight-year old boy, on his journey to discover exactly what a Tory is, the type of things Conservatives do, and why Tories always mean trouble.

This is a satirical, political art zine, illustrated with collaged newspaper clippings and beautiful (crude) ink drawings throughout.

Brimming with anti-tory sentiment, it’s the perfect political gift for anyone can’t stop talking about Brexit. It's also a great way to start arguments with relatives you don't like!

Order your copy today and learn:

1. How great frozen benefits taste
2. Exactly what the best freaky leg poses are
3. Why sex has absolutely nothing to do with business acumen, and
4. The true cost of honours - Prince Andrew, eat your heart out

As an added extra, this political zine also includes a scientifically researched quiz, designed to distinguish Thatcherites from true socialists!

Professionally printed on 130GSM gloss, with a 250GSM gloss cover - it's full colour political fun.
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