• Your Dad’s A Tory

    Your Dad’s A Tory is an independent zine distro based in London, UK, specialising in satirical political zines.

    The Distro was launched by Henry Hardwicke Carruthers in 2019 with the publication of Watch Out! Your Dad’s A Tory, a mock ladybird book for adults.

    This was followed by three publications in 2022, Sue Gray’s Official Partygate Report, Mr Fibby and Little Miss Lettuce.

    Your Dad's A Tory zines have been featured in Broken Pencil and Broken Frontier.

    Mr Fibby is currently the best-selling item ever at London's Cartoon Museum

  • Henry Hardwicke Carruthers

    Henry is the owner of Your Dad’s A Tory.

    He writes and illustrates each publication released under the distro.

    In a former life, Henry was a Private Secretary in Westminster. As a result, he knows a little bit more about the UK Government than he’d probably like to. 

    Henry has worked as a freelance consultant and writer since 2019.