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Mr Fibby - Boris Johnson Minister Men Parody Book

Mr Fibby - Boris Johnson Minister Men Parody Book

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Mr Fibby is the unofficial Boris Johnson Minister Men Book.

It's the story of how Mr Fibby became Prime Minister by lying, and all the ridiculous lies that followed.

Dive into my latest political zine to meet all of Mr Fibby’s friends and relive all of Boris Johnson’s best scandals!

Do you remember when Mr Fibby tricked the nation into believing that the EU cost £350 million a second? Or when he single-handedly extended a political prisoner’s detention in Iran? Or how about that time he prioritised the health of the economy over that of the nation? Or what about that very big party he didn’t invite you to?

Mr Fibby, the unofficial Boris Johnson Mr Men book is:
*A 148mm x 148mm, staple bound (saddle stitched) political zine
*48 pages (including 4 for the cover) of insightful stories to remind you that Tory means liar
*Fully illustrated with bright digital, full-page art
*Professionally printed, with a 300GSM cover and 150GSM inner pages
*Features at least 42 Mr Men Conservative Party parodies on the back page
*The ideal anti Tory gift for your least favourite relatives.

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